Once upon a time, there were two friends who were neighbors. They were also mothers of friends and neighbors. So the two families ‘grew up’ together. Then the two Mothers started a business called Yo Mamma. It is a business that helps people get things done around the home. They help to garden, clean, cook, paint, haul junk, move furniture, repair things, and keep things running smoothly. Then the two friends decided to start another branch of that same business and so they did. They opened a store in Belfast, Maine and called it Yo Mamma’s Home. They spent five years filling it up with cool stuff and now they are having their sixth year and third location. If you asked one of them she might say it is colorful and messy and based in the idea that design makes for good objects and patterns and good stuff like that makes people happy. If you asked the other one she might say that the store is fun and filled with things that make people laugh and also things which are practical and beautiful and necessary for a happy life. Both would say that the store is a place for happy shopping.

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